Along with being a full time musician, I have a dream to travel around the world and help one-on-one to help you figure out just who you are and help you create the life by figuring out what the barriers are and helping to remove them. I am going to put on workshops based on mental health and music therapy to help whoever through the power of music expression! I have this deep need to spread ideas on how to live better and take care of ourselves!

I received my Masters in Multicultural Counseling Psychology (w/ emphasis in Social Justice Advocacy) from San Diego State University and want to keep on the path of helping others discover themselves.


This is all stuff that I think about constantly, research and learn about on a daily basis anyway so let me do the work and deliver it to you in an effective manner that suits your needs!  I believe that everyone can benefit from a lifestyle coach/therapist/wellness coach because we all have these things in our lives that if we just talked about and worked through, I think we would see progress. Therapy/Life Coaching isn't just for those who have been through trauma and so let me know how I can help you!


I plan to travel around the country and put these workshops on in whichever city I am in. That being said, I would love to do Facetime/Skype sessions as well and am open to calling/texting as well because I know that sometimes it just helps to have someone to reach out to every now and then. So if I am in your city, lets work one-on-one but if not, I would love to still help out from wherever I am at!

Cost is a HUGE thing in therapy, I get it. That's why:

- My first three sessions will always be free because I believe developing a therapeutic relationship is important without the worry of cost affecting that at all.
- After that I work on a sliding scale. What does this mean? You tell me what you would like to pay for therapy and it's set. Or we can base it on your income if you would like but cost shouldn't be a thing and it bums me out to hear of how many people will rule therapy out so quickly because of the cost. 


First Session: Free

Second Session: Free

Third Session and On: Sliding Scale (Pay what you deem appropriate for your current financial situation)


John, Texas: “Trace has been instrumental in helping me sort through my issues. I learned how to organize my thoughts and explore real solutions to my life's problems instead of letting anxiety get in the way. I learned to truly ask myself what relaxes me and focus on engaging in those behaviors instead of many of my addictive habits. I can't wait to learn more!”

Lillian, Seattle: “Professional, Goal-oriented, Kind and very Knowledgable.”

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