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Trace Jory is a Soul/Americana Singer-Songwriter with an ability to showcase his message through piano, guitar, beatbox and singing. Trace was born in the Midwest and has since found a home in Denver, San Diego, Spain and now Nashville, which have all influenced his style. Throughout the process, he has learned to hone his voice into his own unique style that has roots in The Lumineers, Kings of Leon and Mumford and Sons.

He has been writing music and playing shows throughout the years and released two singles and an EP while living in San Diego in 2016.  The first single, entitled “Dirty Feet” was written about a personal philosophy of life that says “dirty feet equals open mind.” The EP is a compilation of songs that were inspired by a handful  of countries (Spain, Kenya and the U.S) that lent a hand in telling captivating stories about leaving home, seeing a multitude of perspectives in life, finding religion and learning about oneself.
Trace plans to record another five-song EP in 2018 and then set out onto the road to explore the U.S. With a mini tour in the Northeast, Midwest and UK in the works, he says his only goal is: “To remain true in my words and to hopefully let people feel something every time I speak to them.”